Our Branding Process

Our proprietary BrandAwaken™ branding process uses a combination of intensive branding sessions, branding consulting, visual brand development, and strategic graphic design to lead you through the re-awakening of your brand.


First we lead you and your team through a series of interactive branding exercises to determine the essence of your company. The brand character and personality we discover together will be the foundation for your brand awakening, and will determine the “voice” of your company.


Next we turn our attention externally. We start by looking closely at your competition; their positioning, messaging, and visuals; in other words how they are presenting themselves in the market. We then work to define the traits, needs, and wants of your ideal customer. This knowledge will be crucial later as we craft your value proposition and brand message.


We then engage your team in lively discussions and exercises to help you understand what makes your company special, and your unique qualities that will stand out from your competition and appeal to your target audience. The result is a value proposition to guide your internal decisions and a brand message to use in your external communications.


Once you have defined the core of your brand, we want to ensure that we hit the mark and that your character, personality, and positioning are believable and resonate with the market. To do this, our team will survey your chosen customers, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders.


Consistency is the key to a powerful brand, so we want to make sure your business touch-points are consistent and convey the proper tone and message. For our BrandAwaken™ Intensive clients, we can review your existing business touch points to determine where you will need to make changes to successfully support your new brand. For our other clients, we still like to do a condensed version to make sure all of your marketing collateral works well together.


With your brand definition firmly in mind, our design team will create a fresh new look to support it. This might just be an expanded color palette and logo refresh, or it may end up being a complete redesign with a new logo, colors, fonts and style. Whatever is required, we will make sure to give your brand a look that fits your brand essence and is appropriate to your target audience.


When it comes time to design your marketing materials, we do more than just make it look pretty. We are all about strategic design that supports your brand. Whether you need a new brochure design, or a completely new set of marketing materials, we make sure you have a design that sets you apart and gets you noticed, while maintaining the consistency of your brand.


Need help with your marketing message or getting just the right words for your collateral? With our team of in-house and partner copywriters, we can give you just the right amount of polished spin that will make your message shine, while staying true to your brand. This is where the results of the exploration process really bear fruit, as you find just the right voice for your copy.